PBJ 2022 Symposium

In Search of Time and Free Will


Dates: 3, 4, 10 and 11 November  17:00-23:00 JST (Starts at 16.30 on 4 Nov only)

Event type: Online (zoom)

Registration required: https://forms.gle/xX8Srvz4K2WuwP7S7

Organized by Project Bergson in Japan (PBJ)

Supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) No. 19H01190




Thursday 3 November 2022

Opening Remark : Shin ABIKO (Hosei University)


Session 1 (17:00-19:00 JST)

Chair: Emmanuel PICAVET (Université Paris 1)

Alessandra CAMPO (University of L’Aquila)

Intensive magnitude: an oxymoron or a necessity?

Radical empiricism face to the paradoxality of immediate experience

Takeshi MIYAKE (Kagawa University)

Intensity and psychic energy : the philosophical and scientific background of Time and Free Will

Session 2 (21:00-23:00 JST)

            Chair: Masato GODA (Meiji University) Mayuko NAKAHARA (Sophia University)

Alia AL-SAJI (McGill University)

From Interpenetration to Virtual Coexistence: Using Bergsonian time to think Colonial Durée

Tatsuya HIGAKI (Osaka University)

Bergson and New Material Feminism


Friday 4 November 2022

Session 1 (16:30-19:00 JST)

Chair: Hisashi FUJITA (Kyushu Sangyo University)

Shin ABIKO (Hosei University)

Une sociologie inachevée chez Bergson


"Nous ne durons pas seuls". La contingence chez Bergson et Kuki

Yasuhiko SUGIMURA (Kyoto University)

Transplanter la « durée pure » dans l’École de Kyoto – le cas de NISHITANI Keiji

Session 2 (21:00-23:00 JST)

            Chair: Tatsuya MURAYAMA (Tohoku University)

Emmanuel PICAVET (Université Paris 1)

Decision-making in Données immédiates and the artificial dimension of choices

Hisashi FUJITA (Kyushu Sangyo University)

On Personality. Analytic and Bergsonian Approaches


Thursday 10 November 2022

Session 1 (17:00-19:00 JST)

Chair: Sonja DEPPE (Georg August University of Göttingen)

Mayuko NAKAHARA (Sophia University)

Free Action and Laughter: Bergson's Interpretation of  The Misanthrope

Masato GODA (Meiji University)

Art poétique of Bergson. Clinamen and Rhythm in De Rerum Natura of Lucretius

Session 2 (21:00-23:00 JST)

            Chair: Barry DAINTON (Liverpool University)

Sonja DEPPE (Georg August University of Göttingen)

The Potential of Bergson’s ‘Qualitative Multiplicity’ for Conquering Problems of (Analytic) Time Metaphysics

Yasushi HIRAI (Fukuoka University)

Multiplicity, Tense and Aspect


Friday 11 November 2022

Session 1 (17:00-19:00 JST)


Emiri AMANO (Takasaki City University of Economics)

Part and Whole in the Mind-Body Relationship

Kazunori KONDO (Kagoshima University)

Mathematics and Space in Early Bergson: Problems and Solutions

Session 2 (21:00-23:00 JST)

            Chair: Yasushi HIRAI

Barry Dainton (Liverpool University)

Bergson and the Hemispheres

Tatsuya MURAYAMA (Tohoku University)

Freedom as Indefinable Expression


Interpreter for all sessions: Takafumi Ishiwatari