9th International Colloquium of PBJ 2017

Rebooting Matter and Memory

Multidisciplinary perspectives on Expanded Bergsonism

Rebooting Matter and Memory:

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Expanded Bergsonism


9th International Colloquium of PBJ (Project Bergson in Japan) 2017

Under the responsibility of Yasushi HIRAI (Fukuoka University),

Shin ABIKO (Hosei University) and Hisashi FUJITA (Kyushu Sangyo University)


Day 1 Thursday 26 October, Hosei University Ichigaya Campus, Boissonade Tower 26F Room A

10:00-11:40 Young Researchers’ Roundtable (Ken-ichi Hara, Koki Tamura, Tadashi Yoshino)

13:00-15:00 Session 1

President: Hisashi Fujita (Kyushu Sangyo University)

Frédéric Worms (ENS Paris)               The Life in Matter and Memory

Shin Abiko  (Hosei University)            Métaphysique positive

Discussant: Masataka Muramatsu (Hokkaido University)

15:20-18:00 Session 2

President: Shin Abiko (Hosei University)

Paul-Antoine Miquel (University of Toulouse 2)                         The Actual and the Virtual in Bergson’s Philosophy

Yasuhiko Murakami (Osaka University)               A Bergsonized Phenomenology

Discussant: Yasuhiko Masuda (Ryukoku University)

18:20-19:00 General Discussion


Day 2 Friday 27 October, Meiji University Surugadai Campus, Academy Common (2F) A2-A3

12:30-14:30 Session 1

President: Yasushi Hirai (Fukuoka University)

Jun Tani (OIST)               Emergentist account for consciousness and free will via neurorobotic study

Yoichiro Miyake (DiGRA JAPAN)     Construction of Self-consciousness in Artificial Intelligence by Delay, Detour, and Multi-layer

Discussant: Takeshi Miyake (Kagawa University)

14:50-16:50 Session 2

President: Masato Goda (Meiji University)

Barry Dainton (University of Liverpool)                 Atemporal Panpsychism

Yasushi Hirai (Fukuoka University)                                                Defining Time-Mind Problem

Discussant: Takahiro Isashiki (Nihon University)

17:10-18:00 General Discussion

18:15-20:30 Buffet Party


Day 3 Sunday 29 October, Kyoto University Faculty of Letters Main Bldg., Lecture Room 1,2

10 :30-12 :30 Session 1

President: Tatsuya Higaki (Osaka University)

Steven D. Brown (University of Leicester)               The Drowning Mind: On the continuing relevance of Bergson for contemporary Psychology            

Yasuhiko Sugimura (Kyoto University)                   « Self-Awakening (Jikaku)» of Pure Memory : An (over-)interpretation from the Position of Nishida’s Philosophy of Absolute Nothingness

Discussant: Toshihiko Ito (Sagami Women's University)

14:00-17:00 Session 2

President: Yasuhiko Sugimura (Kyoto University)

Anne Lefebvre (ENS Paris-Saclay)     From Matter and Memory to Imagination and Invention: Gilbert Simondon and the Other Theory of the Image

Tetsuro Hiramitsu (Kobe Gakuin University)      Extension et contraction : Reconsidération de l'intuition bergsonienne dans le chapitre quatre de Matière et mémoire

Takuya Nagano (NIT Kumamoto College)           Relation and encounter : a reading of Bergsonian "duration" around Matter and Memory

Discussant: Kaoru Taniguchi (Shikoku University)

17:20-18:20 General Discussion